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Katie Pegher

KA - just read your story and watched your video... been following along now for the duration of Scarlette's life. My tears at your story turned to joy - as my little one... Lucy, born on Nov. 18 was in my lap "hooting" at the screen as we watched Scarlette's video together. She was saying... GO Scarlette Go!!! We all love you! Gonna go grab a badge for my blog!

anne marie

Kayla, with all the craziness you are going through, just remember that love and prayers are the best medicine. My middle daughter was born at 30 weeks, 1 lb, 12 oz, a twin (her sisiter didn't make it) and this was 35 years ago! Technology has certainly improved. We were told Missy would never walk or talk. She graduated HS with a full 4 year scholarship, but married instead. She now has 2 beautiful sons. She has some minor physical problems, mostly with her legs, but that is all. Lots of love, physical therapy and prayers have made her a lovely woman, as I'm sure Scarlette with develope into also.


I just cried my eyes out reading that. If there were typos, I didn't notice, by the way.

We pray for Scarlette every night. I'm sorry her entrance into this world was so scary.


Kayla you are one amazing woman. I cry every time I visit your blog. I am so thankful that you, Jeff & Scarlette have each other. You three are meant for each other & I hope that you get lots of support for team Scarlette xoxoxoxoxo


Bawling. Your beautiful Scarlette. I wish I could hug you. <3


I teared up when I read about Jeff's heart moving from being just yours to being hers. Beautiful thought. Hang in there. I also had a little one born early, but not nearly as early as Scarlette. Lance was born at 34 weeks, but we still spent some time at Texas Children's in the NICU. Scarlette is plumping up and looking so pretty! My best to you guys!


I am a mother of a very premature baby too, he was born at close to 28 weeks, he was as sick as he could be, but i was always next to him, praying on my knees next to his warm incubator, and God listened to my prayers and after along way of therapies , medicines and prayers, he came to me and now he is turning 9 years this coming may, he is my miracle boy, he has had different illness along his life because his premature body can not deffent it self, but he is strong and God has decided he has to stay here with us. the doctors used to tell me he was going to be retarded nad he was not going to be able to walk or talk or learn at the same speed that other children, but that never happen, he is very normal, just a little small and under weight but to me he is perfect!!!!!!!!!!
keep strong and dont stop praying even after she is ok with you, you must never stop praying and thanking God that decided to make you her mom..... love and prayers to you!!


I have followed your story ever since I found a link to it on the February birth board on BabyCenter. Thank you for being strong enough to share your story. It's tragic and amazing all at the same time. Your daughter is perfect and inspirational.
My own daughter was born full term at 01/30/11. I thought about Scarlette after holding our baby Kimber for the first time. I know that I loved my baby girl from the moment I knew I was pregnant but reading your story I believe has made me love her, and be thankful for her, that much more. Your story has helped me realize how blessed my husband and I really are, has inspired us to strengthen our faith together and has helped our budding family grow bonds that I didn't know could even exist.
Your family is amazing and I look forward to continuing to read about Scarlette improving and going home to her pretty pink nursery!

I was born three months early, weighing in at one pound, eleven ounces. I have similar photos of my arm with my mother's finger. I really appreciate you sharing your story; it helps me understand what my mother might have gone through. Best of luck to you and Scarlette!!! Thank you again for sharing your story.

Carol Shrader

14 years ago, I had triplets delivered at 28 weeks. Your birth story reminds me so much of what we experienced....back then getting to 28 weeks was crucial...and just when we accomplished that things went crazy...praying for you and your sweet girl right now! Thanks so much for sharing!

Nichole Renee

I read this and wept. I so wish my first birth story had ended as wonderfully as yours, that I could have heard a baby's cry instead of a doctor verbally noting the time.

But as I think of my beautiful three-year-old miracle sleeping just a few feet away, as I hear him snore slightly as he rolls over, I know that everything happens for a reason. Tonight, your blog was a reminder of that and to be grateful to have been blessed with my miracle.

Thank you.


So touching. Its all by the Grace of God. Long live Scarlett Vonne


So happy that Scarlett made it and what a beautiful name! Your family is an inspiration. Would that everyone in this world felt as protective of the unborn and newly born.

amanda vella

this is such a touching story. thank you for sharing, it definitely spreads awareness and gives hope to those in similar situations. god bless you!i am currently 21 weeks and having contractions, praying i can keep him in longer!


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